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Accelerating the Digital Transformation Journey for SMEs with Advanced Cloud-Enabled Solutions for all

Internal Processes in your Organization

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Biren Saini

Founder & CEO

(24+ years Industry exp )

Sarthak Agarwal

Co-Founder & CTO

(7+ years industry exp, third-time founder)

Deepak Chopra

Advisor- Management

(CEO PruTech INC)

Indy Dhiman

Advisor- Security

(Princilal Security Architect and CEO at TheSecBlock)

Advisor- Scale

(Ex-CEO of Timetap with successful exit)



“Centralize. Automate. Elevate”

Central Hub for Seamless Collaboration

Revolutionize collaboration with a centralized internal portal.

Effortless Automation, Seamless Integration

Efficiency unleashed: Ready-made automation, seamless integration.

Empowerment through Digitization

Embrace agility with Safal.io's no-code app builder.

SAFAL Testimonials"

"Safal transformed our operations. The portal's centralization improved collaboration, and automation supercharged our productivity. A game-changer!"

Sarah Anderson

"Safal's solutions streamlined our processes effortlessly. Automation and integration saved us time and resources. Our efficiency has soared."

Mark Roberts

"Safal's no-code app builder was a revelation. We digitized workflows seamlessly, boosting agility and saving us significant time. Impressive innovation!"

Emily Chen

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