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SAFAL is a platform aimed at centralizing, automating, and digitizing internal business processes that directly involve employees. The objective is to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction. In today’s rapid business landscape, efficiently onboarding new employees is vital for organizations to ensure seamless transitions and optimize productivity. With Safal.io, our adaptable platform, businesses can tailor their internal processes to their unique requirements. This leads to increased efficiency, minimized manual tasks, and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Why choose SAFAL?

Rapid digital transformation

1. Safal.io provides a cloud-based, on-premise platform tailored for SMEs, accelerating digital transformation with no-code and low-code (NCLC) solutions
2. This speeds up the implementation of digital processes, conserving time and resources for businesses

Streamlined processes and enhanced accesibility

1. The platform consolidates and streamlines processes facing employees, improving the ease of access and control over information.
2.This efficient method boosts productivity and operational performance by guaranteeing that crucial data and resources are easily accessible.

Improved employee experience and data-driven efficiency

1. Safal.io enhances the employee experience by centralizing information and minimizing manual work with automation
2. The platform facilitates decision-making based on data, quick optimization of processes, and is supported by professional advice and assistance for efficient solutions delivery.

SAFAL is Secure

Safal leverages a low-code no-code approach to offer solutions that are not only cost-efficient but also quickly adoptable and adaptable

Secure Configuration Management

1. Environment variables
2. Separate databases for business data
3. HTTPS connections
4. Data encryption (TLS)


1. Enterprise IAM – integration with enterprise AD / LDAP
2. Whitelisted email domains
3. Privacy and security


1. Data security
2. Role-based access control for fine and coarse grain access.
3. Independent penetration tests

SAFAL: Building Success, like LEGO

All-in-one solution for digital transformation

  • Low-code, no-code platform
  • Modular components for easy integration
  • Centralized internal portal for all
  • Digitize seamlessly with a no-code app builder
  • Efficient workflows and automated tasks
  • Comprehensive RBAC (Role-based access control)

Streamline, unify, and transform your business processes

Take your business to greater heights by consolidating all internal applications and data sources into a single, advanced solution.

How SAFAL helps you?

How does it help in flexibility and customization?
  1. Integration marketplace 
  2. Branding and theming 
  3. Drag and drop interface 
  4. Modular components
How does it help in streamlined processes?
  1. Customizable workforce
  2. Centralized information
  3. Task management and notifications
  4. Integration capabilities

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